? Map Inventory: Random Loot

⚠️ Only available in Map Inventory PRO
⚠️ Available since update 2.1

Add item chance

Add comment chance:X before Change Items (weapons, armors) event command where X – chance to drop in percent, 10, 20, 50 etc…


chance:50 // 50% drop chance to next item (weapon, equipment)

Extended chance

Comment chance:X|V – means chance to put item will be from variable ID X (value of variable X = chance value)
Comment chance:X|S – means chance to put item will be from switch ID X (if switch X is ON -> 100%, if OFF -> 0 %)

Put with conditions

Add comment put : TYPE : ID : COUNT (without spaces) AFTER script call for open visual chest and BEFORE any gain item (weapon, armor) event command ⚠️ (REQUIRED at least one)

TYPE can be:


ID – item ID from database (7) or variable ID (with item ID) (18|V)
COUNT – count (1) or variable ID (with count value) (100|V)


put:item:7:1 // Item with ID 7 (count 1)
put:weapon:10|V:1 // Weapon with ID from variable 10 (count 1)
put:item:8:4|V // Item with ID 8 (count from variable 4)